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Class Description

All-Level Heels classes will teach you the basics of heels technique and build your movement vocabulary. All choreography will be broken down and taught from scratch, so you may hop in to this level at any time! Questions and modifications are always encouraged.


The choreography in this class is designed to be done in heels, but sneakers, bare feet, or socks are always acceptable.  Heels should be boots or ones that secure around the ankle.

**Please keep in mind the physics of some moves are different in a heel, and you may need to make some modifications if you choose alternate footwear.**


Attire: Wear what you feel most *comfortable* in. Gym clothes are perfectly acceptable, feel free to dress sexier, but please refrain from wearing only lingerie so we can maintain an accessible, beginner-friendly space for our first timers! Thank you!


Always bring knee pads to class, you'll thank yourself later!

I suggest purchasing HEX brand knee pads for best flexibility and durability. These can be purchased at sporting good stores or online.


About Caroline Kane

With a training background in Heels, Burlesque, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Dancehall-- Caroline's choreography style is eclectic and based mostly on musicality.

As a self-taught dancer for many years before her studio training, Caroline has an intimate understanding of how to break down moves to their simplest forms.


Her instructing style is approachable, explorative, and caters to beginner dancers and professionals alike.

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